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9. General Info

  • African American Women History/ Black Women in History pt2

    Madam C.J.Walker was one of the most well known names behind African American hair care and beauty products. She is credited with an array of beauty products, hair canditioners, facial creams and especially made for women of color. Madam Walker built a fortune in the 19th century with the sales of such products. She was…

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  • African American Politicians / African Americans / Blacks In Politics pt . 4 Internet Vol – 4

     African Americans politicans-part 4 Hiran  Rhodes Revels Hiran Rhodes Revels was born in Fayetteville NC on September 27, 1827 to free parents.  He attended Knox College in Illinois and  later became a minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Churches.  In 1845 he accepted a pastoral position in Baltimore Md.  Revels helped organize churches in several…

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  • African American politicians/Leaders -part 1

    A CALL TO ACTION           African Americans have displayed great leadership abilities throughout history.  Most have showed their leadership abilities by forging the way for others. Many have played key leadership roles such as inventors, educators and humanitarians. Much of the comforts that we enjoy today are because of them.   Historians…

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  • Pioneers of African American Music History – Part 1

    Harry Burleigh was the father of negro spirituals.  He is the earliest known composer of African American religious music.  Much of his music is widely known.  During his career he achieved national and international success as a composer, arranger and a performing artist.   Harry Burleigh was born on December 2, 1866.  Burleigh learned to…

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  • African American Music History pt-3

    Early African American Musician and Composer/African American music history Roland Hayes was born in 1887 in Curryville Georgia.  He was the son of ex-slaves, Fanny and William Hayes.  When he was eleven his father died and his mother moved the family to Chattanooga Tennessee.  His family was very poor; he was forced to drop out…

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  • Pioneer in Medicine/Little known black history facts

    Among the most famous and well known African American inventors is Dr. Charles Drew. It is a little known black history fact that his researches on the storage of blood plasma lead to his invention of the Blood Bank.  As a physician, surgeon and researcher who transformed the face of medicine. As an inventor his…

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  • The Tuskegee Airmen / African American heroes in history

                                         THE TUSKEGEE AIRMEN / African American heroes in history Blacks in flight       When we speak of African American heroes in history  we must include the Tuskegee Airmen.  Their contributions to this country can not be overlooked.  Their courage and heroic acts made them a symbol of true leadership.  Their pioneering spirit…

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