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  • AIDS Man Made, or Just Made Man Sick?

    By Bryant Steele When America thinks of AIDS, we think of an unstoppable disease that is killing more than 36 million people world wide. The media has played a big part in spreading this perception.  Americans are constantly creating a mind set that HIV came from Africa. The aids epidemic has added to the negative…

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  • Terrence T. Hill – Unsurpassed Master of Leather

    Terrence T. Hill, also known as the “Internationally Renowned Premier 3D Leather Artist”, earned his title as the “Unsurpassed Master of Leather” by his Unique Technique. What differentiates him from other talented leather craftsmen is that he doesn’t carve nor use a mold to create the three dimensional effect.  Instead he does everything by hand,…

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  • The Dawn Of A New Day – A Black Man In The White House

    When one says [A Black Man in the White House] one may automatically say Colin Powell, Condeleezza Rice or even former President Bill Clinton being as close to,  A Black Man in the White House. Let’s shift our focus to the nations, the United States of America and South Africa in contrast. The United States…

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  • Six Questions For Reparations by Br. Baktra Tailar El

    Before I begin I think its best to define the word reparations, Black's Law Dictionary in 6th Edition defines reparations as the payment for an injury or damage; redress for a wrong done.  According to the above definition the legal application of reparation is a form of payment or restitution that is rendered between countries,…

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    The SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE has been a hot topic for quite some time.  There has never truly been any solid reason for a change in the present writing of the constitution.  It's not sure whether the average citizen knows enough about the first amendment to make that decision. The issue here is clearly…

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  • Soul Achievers – Clarence “Big House” Gaines

    Clarence “Big House” Gaines was a national coaching legend at Winston-Salem State University where he led the Rams to 18 20-win seasons and guided WSSU to eight Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) titles. In 1967 he led WSSU to a 31-1 record and coached the Rams, and future NBA star, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, to…

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